Realm of the Mad God: Browser MMO Spotlight

Warning: casual playing of this game is a fallacy, you WILL become addicted.

Realm of the Mad God is a browser MMO fantasy shooter, a hack-and-slash MMO. The point of the game is to complete open quests and get to the Realm of the Mad God. The game has 12 classes and tons of players so you can literally complete a quest with 84 other players. The game also features guilds, and a vault system to keep your items because when you die, you lose your character and have to start all over. Realm of the Mad God has classic 2D graphics, and is considered to be like old school Zelda by some people.

The Realm of the Mad God is a simple little game, but it has features that even some 3D MMOs don’t even have. Since the quests are open, you have to get to them quickly or someone might complete it before you! Luckily, you can complete the quests with other people, as they progressively get harder. Realm of the Mad God also has mini dungeons that are sometimes left after you complete a quest or you can buy a key in the shop, but you are limited on gold unless you buy more. As you advance through the game you try and earn rank, and since you have to unlock all the other 11 classes, this game gets addicting right away.

All equipment is unique to each class, such as armor, weapons, and each character’s unique power. In the shop you can also change the color of the clothing your character is wearing. Realm of the Mad God also has a trade system and you can warp to other players on the battlefield. The game play is repetative, as the quests are the same monsters after you play a while, but since there are so many monsters in Realm of the Mad God, game play feels very fresh throughout.

Basically, the point of this game is to complete the open quests with other people, and get warped to the realm of the mad god, and defeat the mad god. Since there is only one character slot, it is very frustrating when you die, especially if you are a high level. I literally had to pry my hands off the key board to stop playing this game. Once you are into the world, it is almost impossible to stop. I remember times when I would be a high level and then die by the hands of the mad god, only to be determined to get back in and defeat him in his chaotic dungeon again. Frustrating, disappointing, happy, envious, and just flat out angry, Realm of the Mad God will bring out all the emotions within you. Whether its getting to a high level and then suddenly dying by a bunny that spits fire, or just another player stealing your loot, the game comes to one word when I hear the title: Addicting. I am going to have to take this game up again, so I am sure Ill be playing it, just give a shoutout to Elderlypizza and if I am on, maybe I will give you some loot or you can join my guild! Definitely give this game a try, two thumbs up.

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