Born to Fire – New gameplay features emerge for upcoming MMOFPS

SANTA CLARA, Calif.? ? July 11, 2012?? Like a hail of bullets, a bevy of new information has been released for the new massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS),?Born to Fire.?Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, today announced the full site launch for the team-based shooter, detailing its many customization options, modes, maps, and gameplay features.?Born to Fire?is currently in development and accepting closed beta sign-ups.

Born to Fire?offers a robust, class-based system with meticulously balanced FPS gameplay. Each of the five unique classes in the game, from the deadly Dual Gunner to the shotgun and riot-shield wielding Point Man, have unique strengths and weaknesses that players must exploit in combat. Each class can synergize with certain others, ensuring that victory is a team effort.

There will be three game modes to choose from?Deathmatch, Bomb Defusal, and Siege?each offering a different style of play.?Born to Fire?is planned to launch with 12 maps over which teams can battle, each one finely tuned to the same high level of balance present throughout the whole game, with a plethora of additional maps and modes on the way.

The game is also packed with features appealing to the competitive gamer. In-game observer functionality and a windowed mode optimized for streaming allow for anyone to easily view a competitive match. These features are complemented by the versatile replay function?replays can be viewed from the perspective of any participating player, or even from a free floating camera. Players will also have the unique option of saving a replay as a simple .AVI file so that even friends without the game client will be able to view it.

Like all Aeria Games titles,?Born to Fire?will be free to download and play. Players can sign up for the upcoming closed beta now on the Born to Fire website. Please visit the?Facebook?page for more information.

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