Realms Online Becoming Champions of Regnum

Today GameSamba announced a new evolution of their popular free to play title, Realms Online. The game will be undergoing a brand and name change to reflect an evolution of the Realms Online and Regnum Online brands. The new upcoming game will be titled Champions of Regnum. GameSamba says that no matter where you play in the world, they wanted the game’s name and brand to be consistent. The expansion of both realms will include a new way to play PvP and RvR, as well as revising the rankings and matchmaking systems in the game. You can check out the new armor sets revealed at

“Champions of Regnum will unify Regnum Online and Realms Online into one single international brand for all territories, making it a true global brand with thousands of users all over the world,” said Dr. Scott Wong, president and co-founder of GameSamba. “GameSamba is excited to be part of the evolution of this franchise, and we think the players will be pleased with the new gameplay elements.”

GameSamba also added that in the coming weeks, additional details will be announced regarding the new instance-based PvP and RvR, as well as a completely revamped Invasion system that allows players to test their combat skills like never before. The new Instances open up a universe of possibilities for each hero to stand out and become one of the Champions of Regnum. Players will discover that every battle they fight in the Coliseums and combat arenas now count toward raising status! A whole new set of equipment and items to improve chances during battle also awaits those who prove themselves to be the best!

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