Remnant Knights Enters New Era with Heroes of Kasmari

EVERETT, Wash.–July 11, 2012?– GameSamba today rolled out Heroes of Kasmari, a huge content update for the popular anime-style MMORPG Remnant Knights that includes new dungeons, a massive new zone to explore, and much more. To celebrate, GameSamba is hosting several “Be The First” events in which players can win tons of great in-game prizes, including rewards for the first 100 players to reach level 60 with new characters and the first teams to win Marble Battles.

Players will see lots of new gameplay enhancements and tweaks throughout the game that will increase enjoyment and speed up leveling. Twenty amazing mounts and more cool clothing sets have been added, as well as a new furniture crafting feature. High level players can test their mettle in eleven elite dungeons and the enormous Mara zone, and a variety of PvP and PvE competitions provide plenty of opportunities for both individuals and teams to triumph. Over six times the number of quests as in the previous chapter will introduce an exciting new story line in the game, set to unfold over the next several months.

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