Repulse – Defunct

Repulse is a new free-to-play Sci-Fi MMOFPS made by Aeria Games.  Repulse is set in a distant future where humans have polluted the earth beyond livability.  As humans journey to find a new world to continue their existence, you must protect them from the inhabitants who are non too pleased that they are invading their planet.  You battle as an elite super soldier to save mankind and protect the future.  The game features intense tactical gameplay with incredibly quick dynamics.

Repulse gives players three classes to choose from, each with different skills, equipment, and weapons.  With various game modes, the 16-player matches will never become tiring, especially with the customization of your character through different loadouts, allowing you to make a character for any situation.  Dynamic abilities like jumping, dodge jumping, booster jumping and cloaking make this game play very unique for a first person shooter.  Maps come in various sizes and locals, including futuristic cities, factories, military bases, and alien worlds. Repulse is the kind of MMOFPS that fans have been waiting for.

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