Reputation System Overhaul For Gloria Victis

Black Eye Games today announced a huge update for Gloria Victis as the team roll out an entirely overhauled version of the Reputation system alongside vast improvements to various combat mechanics and a new take on the Mereley feature.

[quote]Another great addition is implementation of the reputation system. Reputation reflects various actions performed by players – for example, partaking in events will increase it, while oppressing the player’s countrymen will have a negative impact. Actions affect the character’s social status, giving players a chance to earn a noble title for themselves – or to be banished and marked as an outlaw who would eventually get the redemption through the hard work in supporting their nation. In the nearest future the system will be expanded with more actions being included, as well as implementing the heroes system, which will reward players who, at a time, have served their nation the best and will be able to inspire their countrymen, as well as to initialize events for an entire nation on their own.[/quote]

Based on the feedback provided by the community developers Black Eye Games have made big changes to the combat dynamics with a reduction in input latency, better synchronization of the power and abilities bar, better attack animations and improvements to archery including arrow distance and draw power changes.

Source: Official Website

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