RIFT – Weekend Event Gives Free Storm Legion Bonuses

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

You may already be aware of the highly popular MMORPG RIFT going free-to-play on June 12. From now until June 3rd though, current subscribers can access all of the content in the RIFT expansion ?Storm Legion?, all free of charge.

New players can subscribe to RIFT before it goes free-to-play if they want to experience some great exclusive bonuses too. Sure, new players will also have to follow the paid subscription model for two weeks, but you may find it worthwhile. Those who hold subscriptions over the weekend will get plenty of ?Storm Legion? bonuses, along with earned Loyalty. Characters who earn enough loyalty before the game goes free-to-play will be granted even more content, such as mounts, titles, and dimension items.

Players obviously have the option to hold off a few more weeks to experience most of RIFT?s content for free. If you are the type of impatient MMO gamer who needs to take action though, jumping onto RIFT for the free weekend is a great option for you. Anyone who partakes in the event could already be making some serious progress toward end game.

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