Wartune – New Town Hall and Wealth System Added

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

NGames has just brought another update to one of the successful creations in their MMO catalog. NGames seems to be making headlines every week with their constant activity. This time the leading online games publisher announced a detailed wealth system in the RPG-hybrid MMO, Wartune. The announcement focuses around the games brand new Town Hall functions.

To become wealthy in Wartune, players would work together and separately to trade loot and gift each other equipment. The MMO has introduced the new Town Hall as a much simpler way to obtain virtual currency. Most MMO games feature a main town, or starting location for players. Wartune is no different and now has a central building in starting locations to support characters in their journey. The success of a Town Hall will be dependent on the economy. The more players manage their Town Hall, the better the rest of their city will function. Other buildings will have tax, price, and creative restrictions if a town does not improve process in their central building.

The Town Hall is a great way for players to become quickly profitable. Characters can levy gold multiple times per day. The higher level your Town Hall is, the more gold you will obtain when making certain decisions. Players will need as much gold as they can get in game that requires constant improvement. MMO aspects are all present in Wartune. Dungeons, guilds, PvP, and even thousand-player boss battles motivate players to improve their characters as much as possible. A money-maker like a Town Hall is more than enough to provide Wartune players with the monetary boost needed to take their character to the next level.

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