Rock Band Blitz announced

Harmonix, the popular game developer of titles such as Rock Band, has announced the upcoming release of a game called Rock Band Blitz. The game’s mechanics are similar to that of games like Frequency or Amplitude, bringing it back to the basics. For those who don’t know, these were the games before the days of plastic instruments – where the controller was the only way you could hit the notes, no hammer ons or whammy bar. Rock Band Blitz is to be played only with the controller and no other peripherals.

The main difference between Rock Band Blitz and the original Frequency or Amplitude is the music. Whereas the original games focused on techno beats and dance music, Rock Band Blitz has a large variety of genres to play from, with the added benefit of being able to import some 3000+ songs that were featured in the previous Rock Band editions. You can also take the new songs from Rock Band Blitz and export them to a previous edition of Rock Band and play them with the plastic instruments. The game is set to release on the PlayStation Network and on Xbox Live Arcade later on in the year.

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