Runescape 3 Available Worldwide

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Jagex has announced that the highly anticipated next stage of evolution for their browser-based MMO game is now live with Runescape 3. Originally releasing way back in 2001 Runescape continues to be one of the most popular MMO titles of our time. Since its release over 12 years ago the game has attracted millions of players and that number is set to increase with the massive improvements coming with Runescape 3.

The launch of Runescape 3 introduces the first ever player-driven dynamic events to the game. Players will have the opportunity to reshape the game world around them through various events and battles, with the first being the Battle of Lumbridge.

Accompanying the release of Runescape 3 is a list of highly impressive figures. Check them out below:

RuneScape Infographic 1 million years of game play

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