Runescape Announces "Mad May"

Starting as of today, Jagex has said that Runescape players, both old and new, will now be able to benefit from a host of Mad May offers for everyone who remains a member through the month of May. The promotions include the additional bonus spins for the Squeal of Fortune which is a new light-hearted game of chance which was introduced to RuneScape as of last month. This enables players to gain more chances to win from a wide variety of in-game prizes.

As an additional extra, all of the players who remain members throughout the entire month of May will receive 5,000 loyalty points to spend on numerous rewards, which includes a vast variety of new costumes, titles of nobility, exclusive emotes, and the most exciting aspect of all, an stockplile of gameplay-enhancing auras. Even more good news for players is that all eligible players will receive up to a quarter of a million bonus XP on the first of June.

If all of this isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, RuneScape will also be hosting Wild Weekends throughout May as well. The details of what these weekends will entail will be posted on the RuneScape website.

For more information about the game and to take advantage of RuneScape?s May Madness, simply visit and create your account to enjoy all of these amazing bonuses.

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