RuneScape Announces Sizzling Summer Members Benefits

Thursday 19th?July 2012, Cambridge, UK ??Jagex, creators of?RuneScape, the hugely popular and multi-award winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online adventure game, today announced details of its Sizzling Summer promotion for RuneScape members which is guaranteed to ensure that nobody in RuneScape will have a washed out summer.

Wherever you are in the world – its summertime in Gielinor and to help sizzle up your summer, RuneScape members will receive a host of summer benefits every day during August and September. The RuneScape sizzling summer benefits include over? 1 MILLION XP,? free daily bonus spins, exclusive cosmetic items and four of the most powerful items ever seen in RuneScape. All in all members can receive items worth more than $45!

Simon Etchells, RuneScape’s Brand Director said, “I?m excited for us to be able offer this awesome set of rewards to our members. 2012 has been a big year for RuneScape and our players so it?s only fitting we give our members something more to smile about this summer. No matter what the weather, we hope this will heat up everyone’s game!?

RuneScape?s Sizzling Summer is open to all players who are active members throughout August or September. During each of these summer months, Anyone who is a member for every day in August will receive 350,000 XP at the end of the month and an extra bonus spin on the Squeal of Fortune every day! Those who remain a RuneScape member throughout the whole of September will receive double the benefits, that?s 700,000XP at the end of the month and 2 extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune every single day during September.

Members will be able to enjoy all that the summer has to offer with additional XP and spins, but the benefits don?t stop there. An exclusive set of nine new avatar customisation items, including a 5-piece ?Tropical Islander? outfit, extra head & cape accessories, a new character title and even a wild ?Crab Transformation Dance? emote have been specially commissioned to ensure your avatar enjoys the summer party as much as you do.

Finally, to cap off a sensational package of membership rewards, all members throughout the August and September will receive four of the most powerful items ever seen in RuneScape. These abilities include: Dodging Death, Emergency healing boxes, instant kill darts and remote deposit boxes. These items have been exclusively created for the sizzling summer benefits program and are only available to players who are members throughout the period.

To ensure you don?t miss out on these fantastic member benefits, join RuneScape today by visiting:?

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