RuneScape Celebrates 200th Quest Milestone

Award-winning UK based developer Jagex today celebrated a momentous milestone in the development journey of RuneScape as the world of Gielinor welcomes the Dimension of Disaster, the games 200th available quest. The latest addition to RuneScape’s increasingly impressive roster of immersive quests sees players thrown into an alternate reality Gielinor, one that didn’t have the security provided by the bravest of adventurers, instead a world where the malevolent forces roamed without challenge.

Those brave enough to attempt this challenge will find themselves reset to level 1 as they participate in twisted versions of the earliest RuneScape quest lines in order to obtain the items they need to escape and return to the real Gielinor.

[quote cite=”Phil Mansell, Vice President of RuneScape”]“The scale of RuneScape’s quests are legendary among our players, and offer great examples of storytelling that are far more satisfying than merely collecting 10 wolf pelts, a mummified orc head, or other ‘delivery service’ or chore-driven objectives. We have always pushed for meaningful and engaging experiences with our narrative-driven quests, with many plot arcs engaging players for hours. The parallel universe storyline of Dimension of Disaster is an opportunity for the RuneScape team to celebrate the extraordinary affect that the player’s hero has had on the world of Gielinor and its inhabitants. We’re thrilled to finally share this 200th quest and hope the fans has as much fun with this as they have had with the previous 199!”[/quote]

Source: Press Release

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