Rusty Hearts New Character: Natasha

Perfect World Entertainment has announced a brand new character, Natasha, a gun-slinging girl who can dual wield pistols and use rifles. With the addition of Natasha, Rusty Hearts players will be able to level a character almost entirely unobstructed for the first time in history.  Here?s a sneak peak at some of the guns you can wield when blazing through the game as Natasha. Holy Peacemakers: Acquire these bad boys, I mean girls, at level 15 to start shooting first and asking questions later.  These guns are your stepping stone in your journey through Baramunez. The Stinger: At level 20 you can ditch your Peacemakers and pick up these compact but deadly pistols. These guns are extremely nimble and quick letting Natasha pull off moves swiftly and efficiently while dual wielding them. These guns are also particularly powerful in addition to their speed so should make for quite the addition to your arsenal.  Engraved Pistol: Ready to play with the big boys? These highly decorated pistols are meant for business and while not as durable as the stingers they pack one hell of a punch. Doing substantially more damage then the stingers its time to decide whether you want durability or power.

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