Wizard 101

Wizard101 is a 3D MMORPG developed and published by KingsIsle Entertainment, featuring a magical setting with a polished and unique graphic style which will make playing the game an amazingly  entertaining experience.  Wizard101 is a highly polished game with plenty of lore and an original graphic style.  Play as one of seven Wizard types and thwart  the sinister plans of Malistare Drake while learning new spells and exploring the realms of Wizard101.

Wizard101 is a unique game where players take on the roll of a child wizard who has just enrolled in Wizard Academy.  Its obvious Wizard101 draws its inspiration from the widely popular Harry Potter franchise, but it manages to pull it off in style without feeling like a knockoff.  Anyone who plays this game will immediately notice how much higher the production values are compared to many other MMORPGs.  From character creation to the tutorial, the voice overs, interface, and even the game’s terrain look very polished.  New players chose which magic type to specialize in by answering a series of questions with seven possible outcomes to determine your class.

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