Rusty Hearts: Requiem expansion has arrived

Players of the free action MMO Rusty Hearts have an extra Valentine?s Day present this week, as the studio behind the game has just announced that the Requiem expansion is now available. Requiem brings new features, new locations and a brand new playable character to the Rusty Hearts universe.

The big additions are obviously the new character – Roselle Vergerius ? and four new dungeons to explore. Here?s the details on the dungeons:

Opera House ? this creepy abandoned Opera House features clowns, vocalists and marionettes, but not of the usual variety. If you manage to make your way through this showcase of death, you?ll face off with a new boss, named Baron.

Catwalks ? an extension of the Opera House, the catwalks boast knights, bishops and all sorts of other foes. The catwalks bring you high above the theatre as well as deep below its foundation.

Gallery ? no fancy update would be complete without an art gallery. The maniacal boss of this area, Joker, has plenty in store for brave adventurers?new foes, new traps, and new pain.

Ramparts ? a heavily fortified exterior area, you?ll have to fight through legions of foes to make your way into the Ramparts. Once inside, you?ll face off with wizards, gargoyles and other nasties.

You can check out the full list of updates Requiem brings on the official Rusty Hearts webpage.

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