Guild Wars 2 Headed to Consoles?

Console MMOs are about as rare as Thunderfurys (look it up), and don?t always experience the massive success that comes to the bigger PC-based online games. That being said, there is a very real market for console games, and any developer that can deliver a functional, engaging MMO on a console could have a marked advantage over the competition.

NCsoft appears primed to step into this risky fray with a console version of their upcoming free MMO, Guild Wars 2. In a conference call with investors this morning, the company confirmed that development on a console version has already begun, though there?s no info on when it may be ready for delivery. Heck, the PC version doesn?t even have a release date.

Here?s the full quote from the call:

?[Console] When it comes to Guild Wars 2 as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage. For other titles we are looking at various options as we speak. So once again, nothing has been finalized yet for me to make specific comments now.?

It?s obviously not a promise to bring the game out for consoles, but it?s the most concrete confirmation we?ve seen since rumors first surfaced a few months ago. Now all that remains is to see whether the studio can follow through and make the MMO experience work on an Xbox or PS3.

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