Sagramore Re-Launches with Tons of New Features

Sagramore, the free-to-play browser-based MMO, has officially been re-launched. The game, set in the fictional world of Lumera, plays a lot like a traditional top-down RPG, though players are free to interact with one another in all the ways you?d expect from an MMO.

The developers of the game have confirmed that Sagramore has been overhauled dramatically, with tons of tweaks and changes based on player feedback.

Check out the full list of changes below, thanks to


  • Emoticons
  • New character sprite sheets
  • Re-balanced / revamped Monsters & Quests.
  • Easy level up Panel
  • Redesigned GUI parts, dialog window shows NPC faces now.
  • Help Window for tutorials
  • Newbie (Class) Skills
  • Improved minimap
  • Included over 20 status effects
  • Lots of headgears
  • Extra NPC AI conditions (run when hit, hostile against id, hostile againstallplayers)
  • Inventory size reworked, now maximum of 50 items.
  • New weapon/hit sounds
  • lots of new (wearable) items
  • new method to display signposts ingame
  • Many stability fixes


You can play Sagramore on any current browser, including the one on your iOS or Android phone.

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