DUST 514 to Support Mouse/Keyboard

DUST 514, the first-person shooter developed by CCP and set in the EVE Online universe, is just months from release. And as that release grows closer, more and more cool information about the title manages to make its way to the public.

Today?s cool bit of news involves the control scheme for the game ? it turns out that CCP has included full keyboard and mouse support for the PS3 version of the game. The decision makes sense, since PS3 and PC players will inhabit the same world.

Any USB keyboard or mouse that works with your PS3 will work with DUST 514. This will ensure that PC and PS3 competitors are on a level playing field, and will naturally make chatting away much simpler.

DUST 514 operates within the limitations established by EVE Online, the space MMO in which players are free to make their own fortunes through crime or legitimate business. The two games will share elements of an economy, and players of both will be able to use one another for resources and information.

What do you think of console games with keyboards?


Source: Joystiq

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