Uncharted Waters Online – Item Code Giveaway

[keys id=129156]Netmarble and MMO ATK have teamed up to offer our audience an online code giveaway that entitles players of Uncharted Waters Online a random item from a long list of useful items in-game.

[heading]How to Redeem Code[/heading]1. Log in or Sign up for your MMO ATK account
2. Log in or Sign up at Netmarble
3. Once logged in at Netmarble go to SHOP > Redeem Codes
3. Choose UWO to go to the next step where you will select your character and enter your code from below
4. To receive the item in-game, go to the “bank” and “receive item”
5. Enjoy!

[heading]Items You Can Recieve[/heading]

1) Lifesavers – Rescue equipment for crippled ship.
2) Fire buckets – Emergency sand bag. Usage can extinguish fire on ship.
3) Carpentry tools – Tool box used in ship’s repair. Usage restores the endurance of the ship.
4) First aid kit – Used in sea battle. Helps in regaining the number of sailors lost by the friendly ships in the battle.
5) Lime juice – Drink prepared from lime. Miracle remedy for scurvy.
6) Sober – Clears the effect of alcohol if taken in an inebriated state.
7) Rodent killer – Pest extermination remedy. Controls massive occurrence of mice.
8) Effective plague cure – Plague remedy.
9) Cotton earplugs – Ear plug to protect the sailors from the siren song. To be used if the siren song is heard during voyage.
10) Spare sail – Spare sail cloth. Can be used to fix damage to sail.
11) Spare rudder wheel – Spare rudder. Can be used to fix damage to steering.
12) Ceasefire agreement – Document to end the battle with a raiding ship.
13) Bell of withdrawal – Melee battle item. Alarm bell used in the withdrawal from Melee battles.
14) Deck brush – Tool used to retain the cleanliness of the ship. Removes dirt from the deck.
15) Hammock – Provides restful sleep in a rocking ship. Resolves sailors’ lack of sleep.
16) Navy dispatch request – Document promising navy reinforcements.Provides reinforcements during a sea battle.
17) Landmark ribbon – Landmark for return journey. Use to return to the land head.
18) Cheese omelette – Cheese omelette. Vigour Recovery+15
19) Mushroom pasta – Mushroom pasta. Vigour Recovery+15
20) Muffins – White, flat bread. Vigour Recovery+15

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