Scarlet Legacy – Defunct

Scarlet Legacy is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with action oriented combat, and stylish attack animations. Chose from specialized fighting styles and help rescue Princess Scarlet from the evil forces! Scarlet Legacy is a free-to-play game and is set in a mythical world on the brink of disaster.

The creatures from the Demon Realm have surfaced, wreaking havoc in the local villages and the half celestial Princess Scarlet is now missing. Players must help rescue the royal heir connecting the heavens with the Earth, in order to restore the shattered Chi balance. Complete challenging quests, fight off rebel gangs and treacherous monsters using advanced tactical combat options.

Much like the Warriors of the Three Kingdoms, heroes explore a large world enriched with Asian dialogue and fluid attack animations. Wage war in the PvP Arena, duel others in the Bloody Village, or raid dungeons with party members. Similar to Battle of the Immortals, this game features a botting system. Form relationships, adopt pets, and master multiple professions. Choose between one of four classes each featuring three unique skill trees. Transform into a warrior and leave behind a legacy in this epic action-packed adventure.

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