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Move over, football. Adios, basketball. Soccer, it was nice to know you. Volleyball ? you can stay. Golf, though, you?ve got to go. There?s a new sports sheriff in the town of San Diego State University.

Competitive video gaming, also known as ?eSports.?

I know what you?re thinking: What the heck is competitive video gaming? One could write a thesis paper on the subject, so it might be better to just show you.

On Nov. 17, SDSU eSports and LanDiego are teaming up to bring the first major video game and eSports event to San Diego State University: LanDiego State.
?LanDiego State is going to put SDSU on the map for gamers across the world, and it is only the beginning. We working to be a premiere gaming organization in southern California,? says Jesse Castaneda, the president of SDSU eSports, the first competitive video game club at SDSU.

The party will kick off at noon, with gamers from across Southern California converging on the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center for 11 hours of gaming greatness. 64 stations will be set up for ?bring your own computer? gaming, allowing gamers to duke it out in a variety of competitive video games such as ?Starcraft 2? and ?League of Legends.? Not to be left out, numerous Xbox 360 stations will be set up, featuring fighting games such as ?Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom? and casual games such as ?Super Smash Brothers.?

Multiple tournaments will run throughout the day with prizes ranging from at $300 along with giveaways of products from MadCatz, TtEsports and more.

?If you?ve ever been interested in checking out competitive video gaming, this will definitely be the time to come check it out. You won?t find an event quite like this in San Diego.?

Everyone is welcome to attend the event, even those with little or no experience with gaming. In fact, SDSU eSports and LanDiego hope that the event will ignite an explosion of curiosity about competitive video gaming. Castaneda emphasizes, “We?re not focused on just one tournament or game at LDS. We’re committed to bringing many different genre gamers under one roof to really build a diverse community of gaming in San Diego.”

Ready to test your gaming skill? Curious to know more about eSports? Check out the event page on Facebook under ?LanDiego State? or by going to their facebook page. -Cody Franklin – The Daily Aztec

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