Serenia Fantasy Launched, Time for old-school RPG!

It is a well stated fact that the classics never die, they live on forever. ?And the same holds true for games. ?But can a new game call itself a ‘classic’ right off the bat? ?Or does simply relaying the classic feel of an RPG make it so? ?Whatever the case, Serenia Fantasy, a classic old-school RPG is going live. ?GameDP?launches Server 1 of Serenia Fantasy today. This very first server is named Dreamlike Island, which offers players a pure place to play old-school.

Wanna go back to the golden age, to enjoy the wonderful simple happiness once again? This is 2D real-time combat browser-based RPG. Try to land this ancient serenia in the flow of time.

There are many events and activities that are already going on in its?forum?for all gamers to play retro! Gamers can also visit its?facebook?to get firsthand information.

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About?Serenia Fantasy ??

Serenia Fantasy?is a game that breaks away from many of the browser based RPGs on the market, offering something refreshingly different. Thanks in part to its retro style and colorful backdrop;?Serenia Fantasy?is a role player game that offers simple, exciting and entertaining game play. Taking inspiration from the classic adventure role player games of the 1990?s,?Serenia Fantasy?has been designed to give players a fun nostalgic gaming experience and transport you back to gaming?s golden age.

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