Serenia Fantasy Starter Gift Giveaway

[keys id=129156]After the huge success of the Serenia Fantasy CBT KoramGame has issued this exclusive OBT Starter Gift Pack to help fans get up and running fast in their OBT quests!

Set in the lands of Serenia Continent, players will take on a whole host of different quests and missions, taking them across the continent from the hazardous icy plains right the way to the underwater land of the Nagarian. On this epic and perilous journey, players will help to protect villagers from zombies, fight for survival in the Halo Coliseum, hunt sharks in the underwater land of the Nagarian, free the besieged Mage Village and undertake many more enthralling and exciting missions across all the lands of Serenia.

Get your beta code and start your Serenia Fantasy adventure with this exclusive and Open Beta Starter Gift Pack!

What?s in the pack:

  • Talent Gem x 1
  • Quest Handbook x 1
  • Spirit Food II x 2
  • Common Spirit Refining Stone x 1
  • Mini Teleport Crystal x 2
  • Magic Source II x 1
  • Life Source II x 1
  • [Spirit Egg] Molten Lord Geal x 2

How to redeem your awesome Serenia Fantasy OBT Gift Pack:

1. Login Game before you will see the NPC “Sarah”
2. Click the NPC and choose “Redeem Code Reward”
3. Input the correct code (pay attention to Capslock), and click the “Done”
4. There will be a tip, then you can see the mail
5. Click the Mail button then choose the System Mail, then click the message to receive your reward. The reward will be placed in your bag.
6. Open your bag, and double click on the New Player Pack.

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