Set Your Enemies Ablaze – Arcane Supergirl Debuts In Infinite Crisis

Warner Bros Entertainment and Turbine today offer players the opportunity to get an early glance at the upcoming addition to the Infinite Crisis roster with the reveal of Arcane Supergirl, a powerful blaster character that’s sure to set the atmosphere alight.

Arcane Supergirl will arrive on the battlefield of Infinite Crisis on Wednesday, November 26. Just hours before Kara Zor-El was to be immortalized in the ranks of the Herals of Rao, all that she knew was torn to chaos as a traitor from without revealed the location of Krypton to the evil servants of the Black. Despite the valiant efforts of the Krypton Lords and Kryptonian warriors, the endless forces of the Black were too much. As hope dwindled and all seemed lost, Kara’s mother beckoned her Flamebird mount to take Kara to safety and although she fought to remain at her mothers side, she was no match for the strength of the beasts talons. As the servants of the Black closed in on Kara the powerful Flamebird teleported them both to Earth.

Now, with her home lost forever, Kara swears to revenge her people and destroy the Black once and for all.

You can check out a list of her abilities and functions in battle in the latest Champion Spotlight video from Turbine.

Champion Unmasked: Arcane Supergirl

Source: Press Release

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