Set Sail In War Thunder With Epic Historic Naval Combat

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that they will soon be introducing an exciting new chapter in the multi-award winning online World War II combat game, War Thunder, as the team will soon release an update featuring legendary sailing ships from throughout history. Available for all players the new historic battleships will take to the waters in all-new combat scenarios. The first public test session is underway today and will continue through until after the weekend.

[quote cite=”Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev”]β€œIt’s been a very interesting and challenging task to recreate historic battles of the most powerful sailing nations. We started working on it last year, adding interactive water, and then a few days ago we added interactive weather conditions, which are very important for realistic sailing conditions. The weather can change from complete calm to raging storm.”

Much like the planes and tanks of War Thunder the new sailing ships had been created with their own unique damage model, offering an authentic experience with realistic damage models and combat.

War Thunder: The first test of the sailing fleet

Source: Press Release

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