Released by Aeria games, Shaiya online is a free to play MMORPG supported by a microtransaction system. The story behind the game is the good old good vs. evil fairytale, this time with two goddesses fighting each other. For a F2P MMORPG the graphics are surprisingly good, with decent poly-count, good effects and fluid animations.However, a lot of models especially for NPCs are constantly overused, visual differences between mobs being created by simple retexturing.

Questing in Shaiya may become a bit boring, with a focus on repeating simple tasks over and over again rather than on storytelling or adventure. However, the dungeon system offers simple yet attractive rewards and it’s put together in an artistically appealing way.Shaiya offers four playable races (Humans, Elves, Veil and Nordein), each coming with its own set of three classes. Races and classes can not be mixed so picking one of the four available races automatically limits your class choices to the three classes specific to the chosen race.There are open world PVP options in Shaiya, but most of the brutal PVP encounters in the game are limited by the boundaries of the instanced battlefields you can enter.

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