Dragons Prophet Announced

Dragons Prophet is the newest MMORPG being developed by Runewalker Entertainment, the same people behind Runes of Magic. They recently released the website for the game and not much other information has been unveiled except the trailer which can be watched below. Like the title indicates, the game will revolve around dragons. Players will be able to capture dragons by jumping on their backs and if they can stay on, form a bond with it. (Hmm a little similar to Avatar?) There are different types of dragons in the game, each with their own characteristics. Dragons can be used as mounts and will also aid you in combat using special attacks, and depending on the type of dragon giving you certain boosts to your stats. For example a tank dragon will increase your defensive capabilities. This adds an interesting dynamic to the game because your role in a group will not be determined by your character, but by the dragon you capture. Dragons will be trainable as well, letting you increase their stats such as running speed and attack power. Based on the trailer and the website it seems like a promising game with a new take on MMORPGs.


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