Shards Debuts On Kickstarter

In March of this year an elite squad of developers announced an upcoming MMO that hopes to put players back into the center of the MMO experience and today that MMO made its debut on popular crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.

An incredibly talented team of developers from Ultima Online, Warhammer Online, The Elder Scrolls and Dark Age of Camelot came together to create Citadel Games and with it, the first ever “player run” MMO in Shards.

The game promises to break the shackles that restrain today’s MMO industry and introduce a true sandbox element to the RPG genre. Players will be able to code their own features into the game, mold the world as they see fit, create entire worlds to inhabit and explore and enjoy limitless character progression that doesn’t conform to traditional archetypes seen throughout the industry today.

Ultima Online fans will be delighted to discover the detailed housing and crafting system alongside the ability to employ NPC’s to perform a variety of tasks, each of which can be programmed and tweaked by the players.

The Kickstarter page went live earlier today and is hoping to raise $320,000 to aid further development of the game. At the time of posting Citadel Games and Shroud have already attracted 81 backers and $4,007 towards their goal. For more information on the game, or to pledge your support, check the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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