Shot Online

Shot Online is a realistic 3D Golf Sports MMO developed by OnNet .  The game is free to download and play  and with 7 realistic players, 9 game modes, 18 life-like courses and MMO / PvP aspects, Shot Online offers a very unique and complete golfing experience.

The game has you start as a level one golfer and takes you through a quick tutorial to introduce you to the game.  Once playing you’ll see that the game offers a very rewarding character development aspect, much like your favorite RPGs, where you can upgrade your stats, buy new gear and consume power-ups along your way to becoming a golf pro.  The game features a unique three-click golfing system and a number of courses, both realistic and fantastical.  Online PvP and a unique guild system only add to the RPG elements that are not usually seen in a sports MMO.

The golfing aspect is very realistic.  You’re three click golf system has you start the swing, set the power and set the accuracy of your shot.  Your shots trajectory is greatly affected by how close or far you are on the accuracy bars.  It is a challenging and rewarding system that may take some time to get used to, but is satisfying to master.  Hooks and slices are a key part of the game, and it’s possible to specify where on the ball you want to hit it, causing backspin, topspin, draw, or fade.

If you’re even remotely into golf then this is a great game for you.  The realistic aspects of this game make you feel like you are actually out on the links, and the RPG elements truly make this one of the best golf games out there today.  Download today and tee-up to this great golf game!

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