Silkroad Online – 1+1 Event Announced

Joymax continue their efforts to revive their oriental MMORPG, Silkroad Online, with the return of the games most popular events. Both events are already underway in-game and both will run through until mid-March, giving players plenty of time to get a slice of the action.

The first event will see the popular Magic Pop Card items offered on a buy one get one free deal, without any limits or restrictions on total amounts purchased. Magic Pop Card are a popular item among Silkroad Online players as they offer a random reward equal to the cost of 10 Silk (the premium in-game currency). The event is already underway and will run through until March 19th, so grab your Magic Pop Cards while you can!

Once you’ve got a healthy supply of Magic Pop Cards you’ll need to visit the Card Machine NPC, Gachapong. Placing the Magic Pop Cards into the empty slots will result in a random roll, with some including prizes such as rare weapons and valuable cash shop items. Although there are clear differences in the rarity of the prizes, players are guaranteed a minimum of 10 Silk’s worth of items.

The more exciting of the two events sees the return of the hugely popular Carnival event. Running through until March 19th the Carnival will offer players a huge variety of potential rewards including Regeneration Potions, Magic Stones, Summoning Scrolls, Return Scrolls and Flowers. It’s a simple event, rewarding players for the simple task of creating and blowing up balloons.

The Magic Pop Card event exploded when first released last year, prompting thousands of Silkroad Online fans to request a return. Would you like to see the return of another event? Head to the official Facebook page and leave your thoughts.

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