Scarlet Blade – Character Customization Detailed

With the closed beta event approaching Aeria Games have just released some interesting character customization information for their upcoming MMO, Scarlet Blade. We’ve all played MMORPG games before and we’ve all had our fair share or tearing apart a variety of AI enemies, but Scarlet Blade hopes to add an aura of style into the mix. The popular free-to-play MMO developers have said that Scarlet Blade will feature an extensive list of customization options, catering to every type of MMO fan.

The game boasts an impressive array of available costumes, including everything from sultry to outlandish, offering a style for players from all walks of life. Scarlet Blade will also feature a Grafting system, a popular asset that works in a similar way to cosmetic items seen in games like Lord of the Rings Online. Players will be able to change the appearance of any equipped item, without sacrificing its stats or abilities. There’s also an option to hide different items of clothing so that players can get the exact appearance they’re looking for.

In a game that has a heavy focus on attractive female characters and public view of various assets, it’s no surprise that players will be able to customize costume pieces worn under their gear with the Lingerie system. As well as offering additional stats to the character, the under garments are usually visible thanks to the “loose” design of the in-game armor, adding yet another layer to the customization of characters.

The Delilah Club will also impact a players choice on appearance as the popular nightclub will feature a strict dress code, allowing only the very hottest characters to enter. Pets also play a vital role in the game and Scarlet Blade players are never forced to party alone as the nightclub allows animals of all shapes and sizes to enter. Bonus experience will be applied to pets inside the club which also improves the characters stats and abilities.

To add even more depth to character customization – yes there’s more, players also get a choice of futuristic bikes with the games mount system. Finally, the powerful mech suits also offer a small degree of customization, creating for an impressive variety of adjustable features for each character.

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