SilverHelm Studios Looking For Additional Staff For Valiance Online

SilverHelm Studios today sent out word on a recent update to its open positions for those looking to work on the exciting superhero MMO project, Valiance Online. The spiritual successor to City of Heroes and its heroic community is still in early development but the team at SilverHelm Studios are eager to find new talent to add to their “virtual development studio”. The game has already amassed a huge following and recently secured its future release on Steam following approval of its Steam Greenlight campaign.

Several new roles have been added to a list already containing several highly sought after skillsets. The full list of current open positions can be seen below:

[list icon=”icon: arrow-right”]

  • Client-Side Programmer
  • Interface Programmer
  • Server-Side Programmer
  • 3D Environment Artist
  • 3D Character Artist
  • 2D Environment Concept Artist
  • 2D Character Concept Artist
  • Community Manager
  • Gameplay Programmer


The team did mention that all currently advertised roles within the company are as an independent contractor on a profit-share agreement – meaning no upfront payments or salaries will be arranged.

Source: MMORPG, Official Website

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