Second Closed Beta Event Underway In Otherland

DRAGO Entertainment today announced the launch of the second closed beta testing phase for the highly anticipated upcoming Unreal 3 engine MMORPG, Otherland. The launch of the second closed beta is accompanied by a brand new client that includes many exciting features such as crafting, the eDNA system, the Auction House, in-game mail systems and dozens of challenging new quests.

Since the original beta the non-targeting combat MMO has seen huge additions across the board as 200 total new quests arrive, along with high-quality cut-scenes and immersive characters.

[quote cite=”Łukasz Błaszczyk, Lead Content and Game Mechanics Designer”]“We had to redefine the DPS formulas because participants reported some interesting errors in certain cases. Our investment of time was worth it – we are now happy with the results and are looking forward to the reaction from our testers.”[/quote]

For more information check out the official post below.

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