Skara – The Blade Remains Heading To Kickstarter

The upcoming multiplayer online versus game (MOV) is prepping for its final surge to release with the launch of the Skara – The Blade Remains Kickstarter campaign.
The launch of Kickstarter follows the incredibly successful Steam
Greenlight campaign that saw Skara – The Blade Remains entered into
Valve’s leading digital distribution service, Steam, after just 8 days.

As is common with video-game related Kickstarter campaigns Skara – The Blade Remains
boasts an exciting variety of pledge rewards and incentives, offering
everything from access to early access next month and even the
opportunity to create your own in-game fatality.

already have a game to offer,” says Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and creative
director, Skara, “But our vision for Skara – The Blade Remains
is so much bigger. That’s why we are doing a Kickstarter that will
offer our backers great rewards if they join us for the wild ride that
is game development.”

Skara – The Blade Remains will continue its funding efforts until Friday July 4th, with the goal of raising $35,000.

could turn to a VC or AAA publisher to get our game released,” says
Cesar Ortega, CFO, Skara. “But then we would be forced to have a
constant focus on the bottom line instead of what we wanted to do with
it. We would much rather turn to the gaming community directly. They
know what they want and we hope they will want us.”

Source: Press Release

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