World of Warplanes 1.4 Update Arrives recently released the eagerly awaited version 1.4 Update for the increasingly popular free-to-play MMOTPS game, World of Warplanes. The update is now available for all players and introduces a huge variety of exciting new content including powerful new aircraft in the tier VI category, two massive new maps to explore, brand new modules and a reworked matchmaking system aimed at delivering additional balance to individual matches at a faster rate.

Each nation within World of Warplanes will receive a brand new Tier VI fighter plane including everything from Lightweight Fighters to the Heavy Fighters from the impressive U.S tech tree. Update 1.4 also introduces two brand new winter themed maps, both of a different size and supporting different weather conditions. One of the maps has been designed for Tier I to V battles while the second new map focuses on larger battlegrounds for high-end aircraft and jets. also released a brand new trailer today as they continue to build hype for the upcoming E3. Check out the official trailer below.

Source: 2P

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