Skyforge Classes Revealed

Obsidian Entertainment and today released exciting details surrounding the unique, action-based class changing system in the highly anticipated MMORPG epic, Skyforge. Many MMORPG’s of today offer an assortment of classes during character creation but this is all too often a decision that cannot be changed during a players progression.

Skyforge breaks the shackles that restrains the average MMO of today, offering players the opportunity to switch between classes on the fly. You may begin your journey as a Cryomancer before deciding long-range combat isn’t your thing and switching to Paladin. The more you develop your character the more avenues that open and the more versatile your abilities will become. In Skyforge classes are divided into unique groups depending on a players access level. New players join the Beginners bracket and can access 3 classes, before advancing to Intermediate and Advanced groups and unlocking even more powerful classes and specialization options.

Class progression is saved across all groups and players are able to switch classes anywhere in the world, so long as they’re not locked in combat at the time. No need to travel to specific NPC’s or visit a certain town. If your dungeon group is getting wiped attempt after attempt, a few switches from the more powerful members is easy and can quite often change the outcome of battle.

For more information, check out our Skyforge Classes Guide or follow the link below.

Source: Press Release

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