Armored Warfare Welcomes Big Changes With Balance 2.0 Update

Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment and continue their efforts to improve the overall user experience in Armored Warfare as the teams today announced the upcoming release of Balance 2.0, a long-awaited update aimed at addressing a large array of balancing issues in one swoop. The past few months have seen several new game modes adding to the … Read more

Armored Warfare Welcomes Global Operations Mode

Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment today infused the popular online vehicular combat MMO, Armored Warfare, with a fresh new update promising to bring endless hours of competitive fun to the community, Global Operations Mode. The debut of the new mode gives players the opportunity to enjoy a careful blend of PvE and PvP game modes as teams of … Read more

New High Tier Vehicles Explode Into Action In Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment today announced the release of Update 0.16 for the online action combat MMO Armored Warfare as the tank title welcomes the release of an array of fixes and improvements put forward by the community. The team at Obsidian Entertainment and have been working hard in past weeks to listen to the feedback … Read more

Tier 10 Tanks Debut In Latest Armored Warfare Update

Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment and today announced the release of arguably the most exciting update in the history of Armored Warfare as the team introduce the epic Tier 10 vehicles with the debut of Update 0.15. Alongside the addition of a new tier of vehicles players can also enjoy new PvE missions, premium vehicles and an … Read more

Turkish Tanks Set To Bolster The Ranks In Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare and Obsidian Entertainment continue their relentless pursuit of a better battlefield with an upcoming update announced today for the critically acclaimed free online MMO game, Armored Warfare. Today’s announced introduced players to the Altay, a brand new Turkish Main Battle Tank, the first developed in Turkey since World War II. Based on the South … Read more

Brand New Wolf Pack Vehicles Invade In Latest Armored Warfare Update

Armored Warfare and Obsidian Entertainment today rolled out the latest update for the armored vehicle combat MMO Armored Warfare, introducing a number of new elements to the community including new co-operative maps, special Wolf Pack themed vehicles and improvements to the recently introduced replay feature. Check out the trailer below as the team highlight the more … Read more

New Armored Warfare Update Will Introduce A Replay Feature

Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment and today announced the contents of an exciting update scheduled to arrive later this month for the action-packed free-to-play MMO, Armored Warfare. Update 0.14 will add one of the most requested features from the Armored Warfare community, the ability to relive those epic moments in combat with the exciting new Replay feature. … Read more

Armored Warfare Welcomes New PvP Map

Armored Warfare

The joys of tank destruction today prepares to welcome a brand new map as and Obsidian Entertainment announce that the upcoming update for Armored Warfare will feature a brand new PvP orientated map, the Coastal Threat. The announcement comes complete with an exciting new trailer that offers players the first sneak peek at the … Read more

War’s Onset Update Introduces Real Money Competition In Skyforge


The combined development teams of Allods Online and Obsidian Entertainment, alongside the publishing prowess of, today announced the immediate release of Skyforge‘s latest set of free update content with the debut of War’s Onset. The release of War’s Onset introduces the beginning of the highly anticipated Pantheon Wars, with the full event expected to … Read more

Black Friday Event Underway In Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare News

Obsidian Entertainment and, the developer and publisher combination behind the increasingly popular Armored Warfare, today announced the beginning of an exciting Black Friday event for the tank combat MMO. The event is underway today, November 27th and will continue through until December 6th, when the contents of the event are expected to end. Armored … Read more

Tier 9 Tanks Introduced To Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare News

Obsidian Entertainment today announced the release of an exciting new content update for the critically acclaimed tank combat MMO, Armored Warfare, introducing a host of new features including the debut of Tier 9 vehicles. Players are now able to purchase and use a huge number of iconic new tanks from the modern era including the … Read more

Armored Warfare Stress Test Extended

Armored Warfare News

Not had the chance to sample the wonders of war in Armored Warfare’s stress test event? Well, Obsidian Entertainment and today announced the perfect opportunity to sneak in a few hours before the event ends as its duration has been extended. The stress test event was originally scheduled to end today, Friday September 25th, … Read more

Armored Warfare Opens Its Doors To The Masses

Armored Warfare News and Obsidian Entertainment today announced the upcoming launch for the first ever open stress test event for the military combat MMO, Armored Warfare. The event, which is open to all interested players, is scheduled to take place this weekend beginning September 24th and continuing through until September 25th. Everyone that participates in the open … Read more

Armored Warfare Q&A Shines Light On Territory Wars & Battalion Activities

Armored Warfare News

Obsidian Entertainment and recently announced some exciting new details for Armored Warfare via a Special Edition Q&A that saw the developers cover questions relating to some of the games more popular elements such as Territory Wars and Battalion Activities. Details included in the recent Q&A include information relating to Windows 10 support and optimization, … Read more

Obsidian Entertainment Detail Early Access 5 For Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare News

Obsidian Entertainment today announced that Early Access 5 for Armored Warfare will release on September 3rd and continue through until September 20th, introducing an array of fixes, improvements and new features including the highly anticipated additions to the Private Military Company options. The Private Military Company feature sees players constructing structures and upgrading them to … Read more

Skyforge Prepares To Welcome Phytonide Invasion Content Update

Obsidian Entertainment, and the Allods Team continue to build hype ahead of the upcoming expansion for Skyforge, an expansion that will see the introduction of Phytonide Invasion events come release on August 28th. The expansion introduces a wealth of new features and improvements to the game and includes the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards … Read more