Skyforge Community Q&A – April 17th 2014

The team at Skyforge did their first community Q and A yesterday, and we wanted to bring you a quick video to let you know what we learned. 
Questions Answered:
Will we be expecting an open beta in 2014? 
Can we switch classes on the fly? 
Will one character be able to do everything (outside of class restrictions of course, or will alts become necessary for experiencing all of the content in the game?    
Will there be a different server for different regions?  
How will character naming work?  
What is max level?  
Are dungeons going to be a mix of both fantasy and sci-fi?  
Will there be dynamic weather for the world, or specific weather for certain events and quests?  
What kind of combat system will Skyforge use?  
Are there plans for a developer diary, or will we, the fans, be updated by forum posts and articles?  

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