Skyforge Introduces The Outlaw Class

Skyforge today introduced a brand new class as developers Allods Team release the first footage of the upcoming fighting class, the Outlaw. The new class makes its debut as a master of speed, agility and skill, the perfect class those looking to master the art of the duel. The Outlaw class, like previous classes released, can be unlocked through in-game progression but can also be unlocked instantly through purchasing the exclusive Outlaw Collector’s Edition that is now available on the official website.

Skyforge - The Outlaw Trailer

The Outlaw specializes in evading enemy attacks and finishing opponents with a devastating headshot. Utilizing a pair of deadly revolvers on the battlefield the Outlaw can both take down single targets or spray multiple enemies with an onslaught of bullets. In PvE combat the Outlaw excels as an attacking class while his speed and evasive actions will make him a tough opponents to take down in PvP modes.

Source: Press Release

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