Skyforge Paladin Reveal & Trailer

Obsidian Entertainment and today unleashed an exciting new trailer highlighting the Paladin class in the upcoming action MMO epic, Skyforge. Born amidst the flood of bloodshed that followed the dawn of the New Age, Paladin’s emerged as the defenders of the just and the guardians of order.

As with the traditional Paladin archetype, the Skyforge Paladin fights on the forefront of the battlefield with abilities that help them excel in close quarters combat. Paladin’s boast an impressive health pool that allows them to withstand the full brunt of enemy attacks, making them the perfect ally to tank multiple enemies at the same time. Fast regeneration, powerful melee strikes and spectacular combination attacks gives Paladin players the opportunity to fulfill multiple roles in a combat scenario.

Coinciding with the Paladin reveal is the release of a brand new trailer highlighting their combat prowess. Check it out below:

Source: Press Release

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