Skyforge Prestige, Test Servers, Equipment and more! | Skyforge Facebook Q&A June 30th

The team at Skyforge did another community Q and A on Facebook last week, and we wanted to bring you a quick video to let you know what we learned. 
Questions Answered:
What is prestige? Can you tell us more about it?
Since there is no levelling system, can we go to any location or instance right in the beginning of the game? Or there are some limitations after all?
What will be the main source of top-end equipment (quests, shop, craft)? 
How will bots affect the “prowess” of the players? How are you going to deal with scripting?
Will there be analogues of markers that indicate the power of the character? 
Will there be a global chat? 
Will the developers maintain a Play Test Server after the release?
Will there be realistic, “classic” weapons, so to speak?
Will there be a skill and talent calculator on the site? 

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