Skyforge’s Final Closed Beta Begins Today

The fourth and final closed beta for the Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team scifi-fantasy MMORPG, Skyforge, is now live!

This final round of closed beta kicks off today, June 23 and will run through June 29 giving all players instant access to the high-tier Knight and Alchemist classes. Thousands of additional players have been invited to join Closed Beta 4 to enjoy a brand new build of the game based on player feedback that includes improvements to the client UI and chat, the addition of Pantheon guilds, new types of equipment slots and much more.

A full list of patch notes can be viewed here:

To join CBT4 players can sign up for a chance to be invited on the official Skyforge website, or get one of the Founder’s Packs that grant various bonuses along with CBT4 access and Early Access to Open Beta:

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