Skyrim’s Creation Kit and High Resolution Texture Pack Now Available!

Yeah, yeah, it’s not an MMORPG, I know, but Skyrim, plays just like a single player MMORPG.  It’s also still a phenomenal game from one of my personal favorite game series of all time.  Bethesda Softworks has a good tradition of letting modders use the tools they built the game with to go crazy and make some radical new content to keep players interested.  Skyrim is no exception, with it’s just released modding tool dubbed the  “Creation Kit” out now.  The Creation Kit is a tool that allows modders to make new weapons, UI elements, spells, characters, and even entirely new dungeons and environments.  The it also uses Steam Workshop, a new thing Valve made that allows modders to showcase their creations in one organized place with a rating system and comments.  Also included as a surprise was the separate HD texture pack, making the game look even better than it already did because seriously, Skyrim on Ultra High settings is beautiful.  So log into Steam and go check out the Oblivion page in the store for the texture pack download and the Creation Kit details, both of which are free to download and enjoy.

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