SMITE – Apollo God Reveal

I love it when Hi-Rez Studios releases a new god for their hit MOBA game, SMITE.  SMITE has quickly become one of my favorite games and the anticipation of new gods has almost become a hobby of mine.  I try to think of which ones are coming next, and almost always get it wrong.  Anyways, today’s new god is Apollo, the God of Music.  Apollo is brash, cavalier and dauntless, with the power to bring hope to the hopeless and the power to change the battle with a single arrow.

In SMITE, Apollo is a ranged physical assassin who mesmerizes his opponents using music!   Take a look at the video below to get a taste for what Neith brings to the battle.  I’ve gone ahead and wrote out what her abilities are so you can get a quick glance before you begin to test him out in the battlegrounds.

Passive:  Audacity: After ten successful basic attacks, Apollo gains audacity, increasing the attack speed of his next five attacks.

First ability: So Beautiful:  Apollo strums a single chord on his lyre, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a long range line.

Second ability: Serenade: Apollo sings, mesmerizing all enemies for a short duration.

Third ability: The Moves: Apollo runs forward and slides on his knees, dealing physical damage and knocking aside all the enemies.  At the end of the slide, Apollo plays a tune, which decreases the movement of enemies and increases the movement of allies and himself.

Ultimate: Across the Sky: Apollo rides his chariot across the sky, choosing when to land.  When he lands he deals physical damage and knocks back enemies.

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