SMITE God Reveal – Ares, The God Of War!

Hi-Rez Studios has just revealed their newest god in their hit MOBA game SMITE, Ares, the God of War.

In SMITE, Ares is a melee magical tank.

Blessed Presence  (passive) – Ares gains 40 magical power for each rank 3 aura item purchased from the store.

Shackles – Ares throws a chain out in front of him, passing through and damaging all enemies in its path.  If the chain hits a god, the chain stays connected to the enemy for a few seconds, doing damage every second.  While the chain is attached Ares also steals movement speed form the enemy.

Bolster Defenses – Ares activates an aura around him that gives himself and his allies additional protection and reduced duration on all crowd control effects.

Searing Flesh – Ares shield breathes fire in an area in front of him, dealing magical damage plus a percentage of the targets health every .5 seconds for 4 seconds.

No Escape – Ares throws chains to all enemies in a radius around him.  After 2.5 seconds Ares pulls all enemies to him, doing magical damage and stunning the enemies for a base duration, plus additional time for each enemy pulled.

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