New SMITE God Reveal: Chang’e, Faerie Of The Moon

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Hi-Rez Studios continue their bi-weekly SMITE God release with the latest addition to the impressive roster, Chang’e, Faerie Of The Moon. It’s no easy task to follow in the footsteps of the eagerly anticipated Chronos but Chang’e hits the arena with a very impressive set of abilities.

The Faerie of the Moon has been given one of the most interesting passives currently available in the game. Her passive ability, Jade Rabbit, allows her to send her companion back to base to purchase a single item. Not only does this add incredible amounts of sustain but it also allows Chang’e to continue to farm regardless of her need for a new item.

Her primary ability, Crescent Moon Dance, is an AoE arc ability that damages all God’s in a sweeping radius while also offering additional physical protections to Chang’e and her allies.

Next up is Moonlit Waltz, an ability that makes her immune to any damage for a very short period of time. Any damage received adds additional mana to Chang’e and nearby allies. This ability is going to play havoc against God’s like Ra, Poseidon and pretty much anyone with a slight delay on a powerful ability.

Chang’e’s next ability is Moonflower Dance. Chang’e performs a quick dance in a large radial area, healing all allies within the circle. The healing is increased depending on the amount of nearby allies and any enemies caught in the ability have their healing reduced.

And lastly the most exciting ability in any God’s arsenal, the ultimate. Chang’e’s Waxing Moon ability launches a long-range damage skill that also stuns enemy God’s, increasing the stun duration for each subsequent God hit.

Additional features of the latest update include a 3v3 Joust queue, the latest Gold and Legendary skins for Vulcan, and new voice packs for Freya, Thor and Chang’e. You can watch the full official God reveal video below:

SMITE God Reveal - Chang'e, Faerie of The Moon


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