Runescape 3 Suffers Teething Problems

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

The launch of Runescape 3 was arguably one of the most anticipated browser MMO launches of our time, but it didn’t go as smoothly as Jagex hoped it would. Since its release way back in 2001 Runescape has attracted an impressive number of regular players and currently holds a World Record as the most popular free browser MMO game of our time. April 2004 saw the release of Runescape 2 before players were treated to a high-definition makeover in July of 2008. More recently, the re-release of Runescape Classic and now the release of Runescape 3.

Upon launching the exciting new client thousands of players were met with a rather depressing sight, a black screen. Some were even able to hear the background noise of the newly added player-driven dynamic event, the Battle of Lumbridge, what a tease!

Jagex are aware of the problem and a moderator recently responded to a post on the official forums:

We do know about the issues and we are doing everything we can to resolve them.
Unfortunately, no amount of testing can match up to thousands of players attempting the content at once.
We are looking into the issues and working on them as fast as we can. Please be patient.
If you are currently unable to log into the game, I recommend waiting
until a little later when the initial rush has subsided. The world
event will be around for a while, don’t worry.
For those of you who would like the old interface back, please take a
look at the available presets as we have a preset that duplicates the
functionality of the old interface.
Again sorry for the inconvenience.

Jagex are well known for their high-quality customer service and quick response to problems so hopefully everyone will be experiencing the new Runescape 3 in a few hours.

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