SMITE Launch Date Announced

Hi-Rez Studios today revealed the official release date of the action-packed free MOBA game, SMITE, along with the announcement of a $100,000 LAN Tournament. It feels like SMITE has been in open beta for an age but it appears Hi-Rez Studios feel it could still do with a little more polish following the announcement of a March 25th, 2014 release date.

During the extended open beta period SMITE has attracted over 2.5 million registered players with many flocking to the game for its unique-among-MOBA’s mythological theme and competitive scene.

The developers also announced the $100,000 LAN Tournament that will be held the weekend after the launch in Atlanta, Georgia, with the very best from Europe and NA in attendance. Although it was already known Hi-Rez Studios have confirmed that account statistics, unlocked God’s and all other account related information will trade over to the official release without any wipes.

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