SMITE – New Smite God Xbalanque

I could begin this post with something about the Mayan Calendar and all that fun stuff.  But i’m not.  (oh shoot, looks like I did)  Today Hi-Rez Studios unleashes a brand new god to their free to play MOBA game SMITE.  The new god is Xbalanque, which does not sound like you are trying to say it right now, it’s more like Shibalankay.  Something like that.  Anyways, Xbalanque is one of the mayan hero twins that slayed some bird with golden sun/moon teeth and became a god of the moon.  Pretty cool right?

I did a CircleKirk video on SMITE a few months back where I mentioned that they needed to add a Aztec god to their game.  I guess this is close enough, so i’m pretty satisfied.  Let’s find out what Xbalanque can do in SMITE shall we?

Passive: Dead of Night – Any gods that xbalanque kills while his ultimate is active increases his physical by power 5 permanently.
First ability: Branching Bolts – Xbalanque deals additional damage while also hitting enemies behind the target for reduced damage.
Second ability: Poison Darts – Xbalanque sprays multipel darts in front of him that poisons the enemy, enemy gods can be hit up to three times, but only poisoned once.
Third ability: Rising Jaguar – Xbalanque rushes forward and then jumps into the air dealing physical damage, any god that was also poisoned with darts, take additional damage.
Ultimate ability: Darkest of Nights – When activated Xbalanque shrouds enemies in darkness, limiting their view for three seconds. During this time his attack range and movement speed increases, at the end of the 3 seconds, enemies that are moving are stunned.

[heading]Introductory Video[/heading]

SMITE God Reveal | Xbalanque the Hidden Jaguar Sun

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